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Environmental Policy

Our mission statement is simply: “Nature is our Home”. Through it, we have tailored all our trips in such a way that we do not harm or affect nature. We always inform our clients of how to treat nature with respect and to pass through it without leaving a mark.

“Our mission is to continuously improve our environmental performance by proactively protecting the environment while providing a competitive advantage for our business”.

Much of India is place on Earth where the effects of climate, rainfall, seasonal variations and human impact are not readily noticeable. We wish our guests to leave India more informed and ecologically aware than when they arrived. We try to make travellers more appreciative not only of India but also of their homes and the world.


We recognize the fact that certain areas, especially in Himalayas, are extremely popular and are already at risk of environmental damage because of high numbers of visitors. So avoiding over-crowding is the first principle that we follow. This is critical for most of our commitments because limiting the human footprint that hits any area simultaneously is the first step to allow Mother Nature recover. So we ensure this by 2 ways :

  • Maximum 15 people in one batch – All our groups are sized only between 12 to 15 people. Limiting the number of participants in a group generates lower amounts of waste at a time and helps us in managing the waste neatly.
  • Maximum of 250 persons per trek in one particular season – This is one big commitment that frankly does not make much economic sense for us but that is precisely the point! Whether or not, it makes sense in the short term but we need these landscapes to survive in the long term!

Our Whole Staff Must do it

  • Remove all waste and refuse from himalayas griffon tour away from areas of operation; “we carry out, what we carry in”. Staff should also dispose of trash in the area even if it is not from their tour.
  • Properly dispose of all waste, for example, recycle all applicable materials. This includes in the field and in all Arctic Adventure facilities.
  • Inform clients of the leave no trace policy and how it applies to them.
  • Discourage anyone from taking any natural “souvenirs”; only photographs.
  • Ensure all participants minimize their environmental impact and stay on marked paths and trails if possible
  • Ensure no contaminates enter waterways.
  • Campsites and resting areas should be left is as good a condition as they were found.

We run our day to day operations of  first eco-friendly, sustainable (solar & wind) .