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Kedarnath Yatra


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Kedarnath Yatra


Region :- Uttarakhand
Duration :- 4 Days
Grade :- Easy To Moderate
Max Altitude :- 11755 Ft.
Approx Trekking Km :- 15 Kms.

About Kedarnath Yatra
Destinations Covered: Sonprayag | Kedarnath | Rishikesh | Gupatkashi Lord Shiva is the supreme most god in Hinduism, hence also named Mahadev (the god of the gods). It is believed that he is the creator, destroyer, and transformer of the universe. People having faith in Hinduism worship lord Shiva. As per stories and legends, Lord Shiva is looked upon as the God of mercy and compassion towards his worshippers. There are thousands of Shiva temples in India, but the Char Dham yatra (four pilgrim journeys) holds a special place and importance in Hinduism. Kedarnath is one of the four pilgrims. It is a must-visit for all people having faith in Lord Shiva. Also amongst the twelve Jyotirling, the holy Kedarnath temple is of uttermost importance. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience of divinity, faith, and spirituality. The word Kedar means “fields” and Nath means “lord” meaning lord of the fields. Kedarnath is 223 kms. from Rishikesh. It is situated at the height of 3583 mtrs. The temple is located in the Garhwal Himalayan range of Uttarakhand, India. Before 2013 there was an old route that passed from Rambada, but due to the massive flash floods, this route got destroyed and now not accessible for the trek. Hence a new route is now formed to reach Kedarnath temple.
Important info:
Hotels (As per availability for each batch) : White Heaven luxury Camp (Best Sunrise view), Snowpod Luxury Hotel (Best Sunset view) in Guaptkashi, Kedar River Retreat, Sitapur (prime location with Mandakani river view), KedaraYatih Resort , Phata (Best central location), Village Retreat, Gupatkashi (Best Glass view resort) / Dharmashala stay nearby temple in Kedarnath Ji (under 200m radius)
Attractions Covered : Kedarnath Dham | Batuk Bhairav Temple | Kamdev Temple | Gauri Kund | Devar village ( a beautiful small village in Kedar Valley)
Our stay options are differ for each batch. Full property details will be share with you WhatsApp group 3 days before your batch depart
The daily footfall has been limited to 15k by Gov. , But Kedarnath witnessed much more crowd than expected. The area nearby by mandir are deluged with pilgrims. Taking all these thing into consideration, our ground team need to change itinerary of timings on last minutes according to present situation. we reserve all rights to take action and change in itinerary for your better experience, some time without prior notice.


Day 1 : Drive from Rishikesh to Gupatkashi

Embark on a spiritually uplifting journey to the revered Kedarnath Yatra, beginning from the holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh. Your pilgrimage commences early, with reporting times set at 5 AM in Haridwar and 6:15 AM in Rishikesh. As you travel along the Char Dham highway, parallel to the sacred Ganga River, the journey unfolds with scenic vistas of the Himalayan villages and the significant 'Prayags'—Devprayag, Rudraprayag, and Karnaprayag.
En route, witness the divine confluence of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers, a sight that exudes peace and spirituality. The route takes you through Srinagar, a place that adds to the picturesque journey towards your destination. The expected arrival time at Guptkashi is around 3 PM, subject to the ebb and flow of traffic.
Upon arrival in the serene village of Devar, take a moment to enjoy a wholesome lunch (the only meal included during this trip) and rejuvenate at our tranquil campsite. The camps are nestled amidst breathtaking views of snow-clad mountains, promising a serene end to a fulfilling day.
If time permits, engage in a gentle acclimatization walk uphill to soak in panoramic vistas that promise to rejuvenate both mind and soul. This walk is conditional upon timely arrival, as traffic delays may adjust the day's schedule.
As dusk falls, savor an early dinner before retreating to the comfort of our semi-luxury Swiss camps with attached washrooms in Devar, Gupatkashi. In some batches, accommodations might be in Sitapur/Sonprayag on day one.
The second day begins at the brisk hour of 2 AM as we depart for Sonprayag, aiming to reach by 4 AM. From Sonprayag, shuttle cabs whisk you away to Gaurikund, marking the next chapter of your spiritual voyage. Continue to Day 2's itinerary for further details on this sacred trek.
Inclusions for the day: Breakfast en route and dinner at the campsite. Join Himalayas Griffon on this holy trek to Kedarnath, where every step brings you closer to divinity and the wonders of the Himalayas.

Day 2: Drive till Gaurikund and trek to Shri Kedarnath Dham

Embark on the most pivotal day of your spiritual journey to the divine Kedarnath Temple. The pilgrimage necessitates an early start, with a wake-up call at 1:30 AM and a departure by 2 AM sharp from Gupatkashi campsite to Sonprayag. Our well-planned schedule ensures you avoid the long queues for the shuttle to Gaurikund, which can be overwhelming later in the morning.
After a nourishing breakfast en route, you'll arrive at Gaurikund, where, time permitting, you can indulge in the rejuvenating hot water springs. Here, at the threshold of the holy site, begins the 18-kilometer trek to the sacred Kedarnath Temple, a journey that ascends through the moderate trails demanding good physical fitness.
At Gaurikund, a mandatory health check-up assesses each pilgrim's capability to undertake the high-altitude climb. Individuals with respiratory ailments or high blood pressure are advised to consult their doctors before embarking on this trek.
As you ascend, the path unfolds, revealing glaciers, waterfalls, and the omnipresent backdrop of majestic snow-capped mountains. Despite the challenging ascent, the sheer beauty of the trek is mesmerizing, offering solace and spiritual bliss. By approximately 3 PM, you will arrive at the Kedarnath Valley, a sanctified space enveloped by the divine aura of the Himalayas.
The evening promises a soul-stirring experience as you participate in the Aarti at the Kedarnath Temple. The power of the sacred hymns and the mystical environment elevate the spiritual atmosphere, offering a transformative experience.
Prepare for a night's stay in a nearby hotel, arranged in quad or five-bed sharing basis, where the proximity to the temple allows for an extended divine connection. It's important to note that during festivals and public holidays, the area becomes particularly busy. Your patience and understanding in case of accommodation adjustments would be appreciated.
For a more serene Darshan experience, the evening Aarti is recommended over the morning due to fewer crowds.
Inclusions for the day: Breakfast during the trek and dinner at Kedarnath. Please be aware that dining options at Kedarnath are limited to simple, hearty meals of Daal, Sabji with rice or roti. Embrace this aspect of your pilgrimage, knowing that the limited choices are part of the ascetic experience.
Join Himalayas Griffon in this holy journey, where faith is reaffirmed, the spirit is nourished, and memories of divine encounters are etched into your soul.

Day 3: Descend back with blessing of lord Shiva  

Day 3 of your sacred Kedarnath Yatra unveils with a spiritual awakening as the first light of dawn gilds the temple in ethereal hues. At 5 AM, the air resonates with the sonorous chants of the morning prayer, creating a divine spectacle. As a pilgrim, immerse yourself in this celestial light show, witnessing the sun's golden rays bathing the temple in glory.
After soaking in the morning's spiritual essence, join the queue for Darshan, offering your prayers and oblations to Lord Shiva. This profound moment of devotion marks the pinnacle of your pilgrimage.
With your soul enriched, it's time to descend to Sonprayag/Guptkashi. The trek back to Gaurikund takes approximately 4-6 hours, during which you retrace the steps of devotion, carrying with you the blessings of the deity. Upon reaching Gaurikund, utilize the shuttle service to continue to Sonprayag.
Your next move will be determined by your prior accommodation arrangements, proceeding to either Rishikesh or Guptkashi. With an aim to reach Sonprayag by 3 PM, you will then embark on the journey back to Rishikesh/Guptkashi for an overnight stay in semi-luxury camps.
Please be mindful that unexpected delays or changes in the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances are a possibility. In such events, guests will be responsible for any additional costs incurred for accommodation and meals.
As you rest in the tranquil environs of Rishikesh or Gupatkashi, reflect on the profound spiritual journey you've undertaken with Himalayas Griffon, cherishing the moments of divine connection and the timeless memories etched in your hear

Day 4: Departure and Reflection

As dawn breaks on the final day of your Kedarnath Yatra with Himalayas Griffon, you awaken to the scenic vistas from our campsite—a perfect backdrop for contemplation and gratitude. Relish a tranquil breakfast at around 10 AM amidst the natural splendor, marking the serene conclusion of your stay.
Today is a day of departures, but also one of introspection. You're not just checking out of the campsite but also taking with you a treasure trove of spiritual enlightenment and a renewed sense of inner peace. This pilgrimage to the abode of Lord Shiva has been more than just a physical journey—it has been a voyage of the soul, where every step taken in the sacred valley has brought you closer to divinity.
As we part ways, we carry the echoes of the temple bells in our hearts and the blessings of Kedarnath in our spirits. May the grace of Lord Shiva guide you towards prosperity, joy, and success in all walks of life.
Jai Baba Kedar—may the call of the divine remain with you long after this journey concludes, and may you return to the world, carrying the light of the Himalayas within.


Inclusions :-

Daily Breakfast from day 2 & dinner from Day 1 depending on the trip itinerary.
Transfers in comfortable vehicles from the reporting place to the locations as per itinerary.
A welcome kit with essential items like a map, a reusable water bottle, and local information guides.
A dedicated travel consultant available 24/7 for any queries or assistance.
Local cultural experiences.
Complimentary professional photography to capture memorable moments of your trip.
First-aid kit and access to a list of nearby healthcare services.
Stay as per choice of stay Twin, Triple or Quod sharing.

Exclusions :-

Costs of flights to and from the destination are not included unless specified.
Personal travel insurance is not included but is highly recommended.
Personal shopping, room service, and additional food or drinks are not covered.
Room upgrades or special requests are subject to additional charges.
Extra activities or excursions that are not part of the official itinerary.
Optional tipping to guides, drivers, or service staff.
Costs for any medical treatment or hospitalization.
Costs incurred due to delays, cancellations, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Terms & Conditions

Travel Insurance: Mandatory for all participants. Liability is between the insurance holder and RidingSolo.
Liability Clause: Review and agree before booking. Failure to do so results in consequences.
Transportation: Offered, but third-party managed. Any issues are dealt with promptly.
Medical Form: Ensure fitness and health before trekking. Each participant must download and review the form.
Rescue: Subject to availability and cost is the customer's responsibility.
NoTrashTrails: Adherence to environmental guidelines is vital. Fines apply for non-compliance.
Safety: Guide's decisions are final.
Camping: Accommodation arrangements determined by the company.
Check out detailed T&C before making booking confirmation on website/WhastApp

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy is based on the original booking time and original start date of the trek.
Cancel before 30 days of trek start date and get full refund after deduction of 1.99% payment processing fee.
Cancel before 15 days of trek start date and get refund after deduction of 20% of total trek fee.
Cancel before 10 days of trek start date and get refund after deduction of 40% of total trek fee.
Cancel before 5 days of trek start date and get refund after deduction of 60% of total trek fee.
Trek fee is non-refundable if you cancel within 4 days before trek start date.

How to Reach

Reporting will be at Shivpuri Police Chowki, near Laxman Chula, Rishikesh (Approx time is around 4-6am)

By Air :-
Nearest Airport: The nearest airport to Rishikesh is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, approximately 35 kilometers away.
Flight Connectivity: Dehradun's airport is well connected with flights from major cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.
Airport to Rishikesh:Taxi Services: Taxis are available from the airport to Rishikesh, and the drive usually takes about an hour.
Himalayas Griffon Pickup: If you prefer a hassle-free journey, RidingSolo can arrange for a pick-up service directly to the reporting point near Laxman Jhula, Shivpuri.

By Train :-
Nearest Railway Station: The nearest railhead is in Haridwar, about 25 kilometers from Rishikesh.
Train Options: Haridwar railway station is well-connected with major cities in India. There are a number of trains from Delhi, including the Dehradun Shatabdi, which is a convenient option.
Haridwar to Rishikesh:
Bus Services: State buses, as well as private operators, run frequent services from Haridwar to Rishikesh.
Taxi or Auto-rickshaw: For a more comfortable journey, you can hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw from Haridwar station to Rishikesh.

By Bus:-
Self-Drive Options: Rishikesh is well-connected by roads and can be reached by car or bike. It's about a 6-hour drive from Delhi.
Bus Services: Regular bus services, including Volvo buses, are available from ISBT Kashmiri Gate, Delhi. It's an overnight journey to Rishikesh.
Private Vehicle Parking: If you're driving your own vehicle, ensure that you have pre-arranged secure parking for the duration of your trip, as you won't be needing it once the adventure begins.
Miscellaneous Tips:
Early Arrival: Please make sure to arrive in Rishikesh on time, as all group members will be expected to report by 6 am on Day 1. This is crucial for the timely commencement of your journey.
Local Connectivity: Once in Rishikesh, local transport options like auto-rickshaw and cabs are frequently available.


Fixed Departure

Quick Info

Kedarnath Temple Yatra
Region : Uttarakhand
Duration :4D/3N
Grade: Moderate 
Max Altitude : 12,700 Ft. 
Approx Trek Km : 19Km
Pickup: Haridwar-Rishikesh
Drop Haridwar-Rishikesh
Accommodation Type :Premium
Reporting Place: Shivpuri, Rishikesh
Room Occupancy: Twin
Trip Type: Group
Meal Plan: MAP
Transportation Mode :Private Vehicle(Sedan/Suv/Tempo)
Sightseeing : 8

Trek brief itinerary

Day 1 :Rishikesh / Haridwar To Guptkashi / sonpryag
Day 2: Guptkashi To Shri Kedarnath Temple
Day 3: Kedarnath Temple To Guptkashi / sonpryag
Day 4: Guptkashi To Haridwar RISHIKESH


Transportation (Rishikesh / Haridwar To Rishikesh / Haridwar)
All Transfers and Travels in Ac Tempo Traveller (Ac will be off on mountains)
1. Night stay in Kedarnath Dham.
2. Nights stay in guptkashi, or sonprayag ( hotel booking depends on hotel room availability.
3 Minimum 3, 4 Person room sharing in kedarnath dham temple.
4 Meals (3 Breakfasts & 3 Dinners)
5 Sightseeing (All Local Sightseeing Like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Guptakashi, Sitapur, Sonpryag Gaurikund Kedarnath Temple ).
6 Coordinator Assistances
7 Tour Guide.
8 Trek with guide to Kedarnath.

Cancellation Policy In case you wish to cancel your trek please e-mail us at :
1. Cancellations up to 30 davs prior to departure date - 70% refund.
2. Between 30 davs to 20 days prior to departure - 50% refund.
3. Between 20 days to 10 days prior to departure- 30% refund.
4. Less than 10 days of departure - No refund or you can transfer vour trek (same batch date & same trek) to vour dear one.
* Change of trek batch date is dependent on the availability of seats in the batch.
* In case of transferring a trek to your dear one, he/she should satisfy all the mandatory requirements lay down
Payment Policy:
* Pay 1000/- per head to reserve your seat & you can pay the remaining amount On Arrival.

Cost Per Head / Departures

Trek: 16,000
5% @ GST
(Rishikesh to Rishikesh)
Duration: 4 Days/ 3 Nights
Payment mod
Pay online
» Googlepay, PhonePe, Bhim : 7310891845
» Account : himalayasgriffon
» Account : 50200060859265
» IFSC Code : HDFC0009291
Rs.1000/person Advance remaining on Arrival